Sushi Mo’fers was established in 2018 in Paris.

It is designed by Sushi Mo’fers team.

Back then, the team visited Japan,
and one night, they went to a Sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

They were impressed when they found Sushi illustrations on the mugs and the menu. From that moment they were flashed by the ideas to make a brand inspired by sushi illustrations.

After that night, they started to search the background and planning for the production.

Sushi Mo’fers will launch 2019AW collection.

First in the world, 

A selected store which has Maison Kitsune and Lumiere in Singapore,
Manifesto starts to sell on October 2018.

Mo’fers means Mother fxxker as internet slang.





Everything started one night

in a restaurant somewhere in Shibuya-Tokyo,

when two old friends from very different cultures and background suddenly realized that our human civilization is in great danger.

The sushis are not only the nice and cute japanese speciality

everyone knows...

Sushis have a hidden plan...they conspire...

they secretly wants to take over.

Sushis are slowely invading our world and reality.

There is nowhere to hide anymore.
How come no one realize that yet!!!

It is time for our species

to wake up and fight back.


We, humans, cannot tolerate to be endangered by any food or snacks.

We must resist!

Sushi motherfxxkers!!!!